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8 Best Free Video Editing Software: Today we will talk about the best free video editors out there with no watermark. Because we all hate it when you find that perfect free video editing software you are starting your entire view you edit all the way through it you are spending hours on it and you’re so satisfied with your result you now want to export it and show it to the world and after you export it you realize that you have a watermark. We don’t want any watermark so today we are going to tell about some video editing software’s that we think to deserve a mention, and we will go over the pros and cons of each individual video editing software, so we do have to say that, we are not biased in this article, and we are not sponsored by any brand. Let’s talk about the free video editing software.

1.Light Work

If you’re just getting started, or if you just don’t want to spend any money on any video editing software, then Light Work will be best for you. Light works are a very easy-to-understand video editing software. Especially, if you are a beginner, it works for both Windows and Mac. You can customize any video as you want. If you’re just starting out or just experimenting with video editing, then this will be amazing. It supports a lot of video formats so you can import any video or audio file you can also apply some nice transitions, some overlays, and some basic effects in there. It will require some time to learn the software, but eventually, I’m sure you will get the hang out of it the most positive things about this video editor are that it’s customizable, and it’s also lightweight for your device. So, if you have a low-end machine, I’m sure you will edit your videos on a standard laptop or computers, which don’t need the best specs out there. Obviously, the better your specs are, the smoother it would work. But I hear it works fine on some lower-end devices. It comes on this video editing software is that you can only export in a regular HD which nowadays you don’t really see that much anymore. Nowadays most people are shifting into 4k exports which is ultra HD and just before that we have full HD and just before that we have regular HD and that’s what they allow you to export with the free version they also have a paid version. It is also at a great price, but if you’re planning on paying for video editing software, it would not be your choice. Because we think if you’re paying for a video editing software, that means you are kind of serious about it and you want to do it.


In the list of free video editing software, we’d like to talk about shotcut. This is a great free video editing software. It’s open-source, so we can imagine it’s very stable. Although we have heard stories about people editing their entire video on Shotcut and while saving the project, it’s not working anymore and it loses everything. We haven’t encountered that error, so we just thought of mentioning it that being said it has an excellent file format support in any clear and well-designed interface. Although it looks kind of old especially nowadays, anyway it does the job and it gets your videos. The cons of this video editing software are that figure out how to export your videos your self with the settings which ones you want to use. But you can definitely figure out these things using tutorials, so the pros of Shortcut is that it’s powerful and filled up with features. If you have lower intimation, you will run it easily it has a flexible interface like the previous one and also a wide variety of video formats, and audio formats that you can import which is great if you are using weird devices. Because most of the cameras nowadays record a standard format that usually gets recognized everywhere, but if you’re using something different, they might import it in shotcut, and it has an extensive selection of audio and video filters thick. On this video editing software, it has a steeper learning curve so you will need some time to adjust to the interface. The interface is also not very similar to other video editing software’s out there so if you will shift into another video editing software later on it will be a little complicated it’s always better to start with something similar to the next video editing software you’re planning to upgrade to.

3.Hitfilm Express

If you kind of looking for a new hobby in video editing, then hit film express is a nice video editing software, especially because it has a lot of options. It is available for a free version and also a paid version. The regular hit film is the paid version and comes obviously with a lot more features, but even the free version has significantly more features than the other video editing software. Especially if you want to experiment with some effects and visual effects, like if you want to learn about those comments on this article. This video editing software has advanced tracking tools footage distortion so, for example, if you’re filming with a fisheye lens you can correct that on your lens profile you can also change the backdrop, so if you’re using a green screen and stuff like that which is a lot of fun to play with, and if you want to make your little action movie, you can also have these muzzle flashes that come out of shotguns or something like that which is also nice, and advanced lighting effects you can even import 3d models in their software which is crazy not the most realistic but yeah you can have a lot of fun with that. If you want to learn it now let’s talk a little about the cons for hit film express, first you have to share a link when you want to download the free version so other people know about it teosinte that big of a deal because obviously, they want to get the word out of their video editing software as they’ve put a lot of time, and effort into making it. It also has limited export formats, but if you’re uploading for YouTube or anything like that, then you should be fine with another thing you can keep in mind is concerning the previous video at the things hoppers. That we talked about is that it might be a little harder to load on your machine, you will need a better machine to run hit film express. Because it has so many more features than they are ones, and you can do these visual effects and stuff so, logically, you will need a better machine to run the software.

4.DaVinci Resolve

The fourth free video editing software DaVinci Resolve and this one of the special for being free at least because the Vinci resolve was actually invented to be a Hollywood standard power grading software, so they were used in Hollywood movies to grade your footage. Eventually this kind of rolled into a video editing software and also a paid version of their software. So obviously the free version comes with a little more limiting options but still, you can do a lot of video editing, especially if you’re just starting out you will definitely not need these advanced tools for the paid version is primarily targeted to professionals the good thing about the software is also the interface. It’s very intuitive, and it’s very close. You will need a better machine to run it, and we’ve also heard people running into problems with their video graphic cards from their computer being full because it’s taking a huge toll on your machine. We have a decent machine, so we didn’t have any problems using it but yeah, it’s definitely worth looking if you’re looking for a free video editor and you are thinking about getting professional with this we think there is a bunch to learn in there and then you can see from there where you’d like to go. So, it will need a powerful computer to work with this adding titles and stuff like that is also not super intuitive although we think they’re working on that and adding visual effects using their infusion software which is a different software but also free is also very difficult anyway, the bottom line of this. We just want to give you some ideas of what you can expect.

5.Windows Movie Maker

If you’re just starting out in video editing and want to explore the basics, you can make a quick video using clips and images with simple audio tracks, however, you’ll soon realize that the more advanced effects like transitions filters, or overlays you might want to consider. A more advanced program better suits your needs. It has an intuitive and simple approach to editing if you’re trying to make videos look more professional of the steep learning curve that comes with this software. You can also import your files from Facebook and Instagram.

6.Adobe Premiere Pro

For professional-level video editing for Windows, you might have heard a lot about Adobe Premiere Pro. It is famous for its clean interface, flexible trimming tools, unlimited Malcolm angles, and ultimate power in video editing. One additional feature in Premiere Pro CC 2015 is the new elementary Color Panel. Adobe has created an array of color grading and correction tools into Premiere Pro, allowing video editors to make highly detailed and customized color adjustments. There is another amazing tool is the Morph Cut transition, which is made to smooth over jump cuts in interviews and dialog shots. You can choose from paying $239.88 for the annual subscription or $29.99 per month. Now, these are just tools to get the job done. And remember, getting great shots before you bring it into editing is the key, like getting smooth shots using a stabilizer, good lighting, and audio, which is more important than the software.


Filmora giving you two editing modes–easy mode for quick editing and full feature mode for more effects and advanced tools. Its full feature mode has an attractive and modern interface where you can do all the basic editing such as trimming, cropping, rotating, adjusting speed, and hues. The significant thing about Filmora is its effect library, which has over 300 handcrafted filters, overlays, titles, and transitions. You can spice up your videos easily by dragging and dropping the desired effects on the timeline. It has a music library, is a hand-chosen compilation of artists from the Pacific Northwest. The selection of genres ranges from Hipster Folk to Electric Pop, making your music search so much easier.

8.Corel Video Studio Pro

This is another popular mid-tier video editor is Corel Video Studio Pro. This video editor has a usable interface featuring the familiar three-panel view. The timeline taking the whole bottom portion. For basic video editing, Corel offers a multi-trim tool, which allows you to set multiple in and out points. Other cool features which allow you to control a DSLR from within the software, and motion tracking, which allows you to track the movement of an object and apply amazing color effects to it. It’s available at $79.99

We don’t want this article to be about that software at all, but if you aren’t thinking about moving into that direction, we can highly advise it. We even haven’t discussed a free video editor that you are working with or you think is better definitely let me know that in the comments below as well and if you’re interested in anything we’ve discussed in this article, then give a comment and also suggest us for interesting facts. Anyway, we really hope to see you in the next article and maybe you found some inspiration in becoming a video editor and we’ll see you in my next upcoming articles thank you for reading 8 Best Free Video Editing Software take care and goodbye.

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