Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is the Best Rated smartphone in the world

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is the Best Rated smartphone in the world. Now in the year 2020, we can buy flagship phones, pro flagship phones, and ultra flagship phones. There was a time when people used to buy the flagship phone under 800 dollars. But now they spend 1400 dollars to buy a flagship phone. From the Flagship phone list we have one from Huawei, we have two from Samsung and now you are looking at Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

As the mobile phone industry has continued to shift its attention to India and China, I have become more and more accustomed to this sort of thing. We had to buy this direct from Xiaomi in China, through contact over there, and then have it sent to another contact, have that forwarded to another person, and then finally, sent to us. But, at long last, we are getting our firsthand-on with the world's first 120x optical zoom device. 

What's Inside the box?

Inside the Box we are getting Mi 10 Ultra (obviously), behind it we will get a sim ejecting tool, and below that we are getting a hard case for protecting Mi 10 Ultra. There is a headphone jack adopter inside the box, USB C cable for charging, and the world's most powerful charger mo Mi 10 Ultra, which will charge the phone 0 to 100% in 20 minutes approximately.

Also in the box, we've got an A to C cable. Specific to the Mi turbocharged10th Anniversary Edition. Look at that camera bump. That's not a camera bump, that's a camera mountain. Let's take a look at the snapper. So there are two 48 megapixel sensors. Actually, sorry I'm pointing to the wrong ones. So that might explain why the body of this thing is so thick, and yet it only has a 4,500Milliamp-hour battery. To be clear, 4500 Milliamp-houris a lot of battery.

What we can see at Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra?

In Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra we can see the most impressive specs at a cheap price. There is a 6.67 inch 120HZ 10Bit color display, a quad-camera setup with dual 8k video recording, and 120x zoom. The battery capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is 4500MAh. It also supports superfast 120W charging and 50w Wireless charging.

So, it's got a lot in common with all the flagship phones right now. Snapdragon 865 processor. In line with the rest of its top-tier specs, it's got a gorgeous finish. A 120Hz Display and it charges at 120 Watts.

In the box, you'll find a small greeting about Xiaomi's 10-year journey, and below that, you'll find the mi 10 ultra. Below that you'll find a charger, USB-c cable for charging, a sim card ejector tool a USB-c to headphone jack adapter, and a transparent hard shell protective case. the me10 ultra is 162 by 75 by9.5 mm in size weighs in at around 222 grams. It comes with a 6.67-inch AMOLED display that has a2340 by 1080 pixels resolution a bit depth of 10 bits, a 120-hertz refresh rate, and a brightness of 800 nits. On the front, you'll also find the in-screen fingerprint scanner and a 20-megapixel front-facing camera that can also record full HD 1080pvideo. Just like the others in the Mi 10 series, the mi 10 ultra has been given a curved display, which I personally have gotten very used to. And it's got a function in the operating system to turn off the touch on the edges of the display to prevent accidental touch input. On the inside, it's got a Snapdragon 865, a very decent 4500 milliamp-hour battery, and mind you that this phone has got 120watts fast charging with the included adapter and it's got 50 watts QI charging.

The Power of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

We always want to have the most powerful Smartphone to play games, multitasking, etc. Fro keeping this in mind Xiaomi is giving Qualcomm snapdragon 865 in Mi 10 Ultra with 8-16GB LPDDR5 RAM. Which will make sure You will get the best performance for Gaming. We will also get 128-512GB fastest UEFAX31 Storage. It also had Liquid cooling, 6 stacks of Graphite, and Graphine.

The main camera was a little bit disappointing because I really love the 108 megapixels photos on the Mi 10 pro. But since I actually did find the 108megapixel option; I'm not complaining. The 8k video I really like. It's been improved a lot. It's well stabilized and it looks great. I really love the fast charging. It is really insane how fast it charges. And it's really nice to have that. Then the screen; it's stunning the colors, the refresh rate, the bit-depth; everything is just really good. And it's a really really good screen.

The only thing is that when you have set it to 120 hertz it will drain the battery a little bit faster. but you will probably be able to last a whole day on it. -Even on 120 hertz. -Obviously depending on what you do with it... but it's all right... If you want you can always go back to60 hertz if you don't need a 120-hertz refresh rate. So the option is there if you want more battery life. So overall I'm just super impressed with the Mi 10 ultra, and Xiaomi did a very good job on their 10th anniversary.

What's make Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra more attractive?

There are lots of reasons that make Mi 10 Ultra attractive. The Mi 10 Ultra camera can zoom up to 120x without burning the image. There are lots of cool features added by Xiaomi, there is a feature that allows you to pick any combination of two different cameras in this phone including the front camera, and record them at the same time. The phone is running on Xiaomi MiUi 12 and the software is quite artistic and I think you like it. There are amazing wallpapers in Mi 10 Ultra which Xiaomi calls super wallpapers. Xiaomi is very clever with the in-display fingerprint scanner. It's not the fastest but when you scan your finger you will feel soft vibration. When you scan your finger it feels like you are powering up your very one supercar, that's why you don't notice the time taken as much.

So you can see it's, like a chunky boy compared to Note9. It does still feel good in the hand though, actually. Credit to the folks over at Xiaomi who worked on the hand-feel of this. It's extremely rounded on the corners here. So when it rests in the palm of your hand here, it's not uncomfortable in any way. Of course, it's running Xiaomi's software, which I in the past have not been a huge fan of, but who knows, maybe it's better in China. 

Price of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

You were thinking that this has high specs so it could be very expensive. But Let me tell you the starting price of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is $760. If you don't believe it check it on Google. But the main painful thing is its availability. This is a china only phone, so you might need to use a third-party launcher. But after doing all this it is a great machine to do all the stuff like great photography, gaming, etc.

The Mi 10 ultra came out in china in three colors, starting at 780 USD for the base model and 1040 USD for the 16 gigs ram and 512 gigs of storage model. However it is only out in China and I have heard that it will not be released globally but I sure hope they would change their mind, as it is really a great phone. So that's about it for the Mi 10 ultra. Xiaomi's 10th-anniversary phone that's got some really impressive specs, really good performance, and a pretty decent price range for the phone that you're getting for it.

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