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MediaTek Helio vs Snapdragon: which is better?

MediaTek Helio vs Snapdragon: which is better?. Today we all talk about mobile phones, and here we talk about the processor, and it has two names: Qualcomm, and Mediatek so you guys continue reading this article, and we will talk about Mediatek and snapdragon. Let me clear one thing that we have nothing against Mediatek nor do we have any friendship with Qualcomm. Here we are talking about logic, and if talk about the market of 2-3 years ago. So at that time, Mediatek was a good option for budget phones because Qualcomm did not have any good options for budget phones in the range of 5-10K. But now Qualcomm has very good processors for budget range. So now we think MediaTek is not giving us good value, and if we talk about really old processors like Mediatek's 6737, 6750, 6753, 6755, etc.

Power of Qualcomm & MediaTek

So we think we are getting good value neither inefficiency, nor in power in comparison to Qualcomm, and as you all know that you can measure the output of a processor in 2 ways: one is CPU power, and the other is GPU power. Now the GPU that MediaTek uses "Mali" which comes from ARM, and Qualcomm develops its GPU which is called Adreno-based GPU, and here we see different names. Now the problem is not in Mali GPU, Samsung also uses it in Exynos But, the version is not so powerful that's why the Graphic performance in MediaTek is not good at least in Budget range phones. 

Game of Cores

The second thing is that the MediaTek has played numbers game Octa-core, deca-core, six-core, ten core means on such frequency, and the thing that has happened is that it didn't become efficient here it has started to heat besides that, the performance is not that good also. Whereas as if we talk about a balanced performance that you get in the Snapdragon processor, and there is no doubt that some of the processors of Snapdragon are waste. but in general, they are made on a large scale, and the R&D is more as compared to MediaTek. That's why you get better output. Besides this, there is one more main point that arises is about the process. 


That the hardware of MediaTek is made on a huge process 28 nanometers or 20 nanometers recently, X30 has a lot of improvements otherwise, if you see in Qualcomm there is a good processor that is Snapdragon 625, which is made on 14-nanometer technology in which you get great power, great efficiency you get all the balance it doesn't get heated up, and the output is really interesting so here, we are not saying that MediaTek is trash. You get some good processors in MEDIATEK as well but if we talk about the comparison with Snapdragon so in today's time there is not even a single processor that topples the Snapdragon processor.  

Price Segments

If you compare in the same segment so if we are getting options of snapdragon processors in the range of 7k, 9k, 10k so why would we choose that bad hardware of MediaTek? do we need an excuse that the battery of the phone is good, the camera is good this is not the thing. we need to see where we are getting a balanced deal, and if some people think that, this is not a big thing that processor is not important our priority is the camera. so, my friends, the processor is the main thing which can make your phone last for the next 2-3 years. When your phone will hang after 6 months, your camera won't save your phone from hanging. So we need to understand this thing that Qualcomm is giving us with Snapdragon 425, 430, 435, 625 that MediaTek is not giving us in that price range If you see the big players in the market in today's time, all of them are using Qualcomm processors. Chinese phones use MediaTek because they are cheap, and those phones are rebranded in India. So in these phones, you will able to see the same MediaTek hardware.

Resolutions of  Qualcomm vs MediaTek

So we think many brands are using MediaTek, when that is not the case that processor is cheap , and its cost is very less compared to Qualcomm , and you dont get as much value it does not support hardware some processors does not support FULL HD screen so they keep the screen of 720p so we need to see where we are getting balanced value in todays time, the flagship of MediaTek which is MediaTek's X30 that is coming in only one phone in the world , and that is one phone of Mizu , and the other big brands are going towards Snapdragon 835 , and before that it was snapdragon 821 because they know here everything is balanced , and they are getting good value , and good performance which MediaTek is not able to provide because their technology is old they have always played the number game some-core processor, some-gHz processor you must have noticed this thing that if you compare two bikes one has an engine of 400 cc , and even if other has 250 cc, it depends on tuning, depends on overall design sometimes, the 250cc engine can beat 400cc engine in terms of power, in terms of efficiency , and can give you a better performance so the numbers dont matter we need to see where we are getting overall balanced performance In MediaTek, due to lack in GPU , and due to lack of technology , and because they have always played number-game thats why we dont get balanced performance so please dont think that we are getting MediaTek phone in 12k or 13k for example with 6753 or 6750 it has selfie right. so we will buy it so its no like that it is not that we don't have options we have options in 7k, 8k,9k,10k range with snapdragon processor so why should we choose MediaTek?. This was it for this article. we hope you understand that after reading this that we had so much more to talk about deep engineering.

I hope you will find this helpful "MediaTek Helio vs Snapdragon: which is better". If you have any kind of suggestion contact us via email or comment on this article.

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