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Best Workout Apps Free

So today, I am going to talk about the best workout apps. So it will be very informative for all fitness lovers. Specially this article will be helpful for those, who don't go to the gym, and workout at home.

Because we all know, at this time, nobody is willing to go to the gym. So there is no meaning to give a list of best gym app. Many viewers asked me on mail to give a list of the best weightlifting apps.

But today is not the time for the best weight training app. So forget about the best weight lifting app, and focus on the best free exercise apps for home. You can use this app for home exercise.

Now social distancing becomes very important. So we all are focusing on the best home workout app.

Nowadays, we are at home, and while we are losing our fitness, we are searching for the best fitness apps for a workout. Because now workout apps become necessary for all home workout.

Now, if you think, this list is for only men, then you are wrong. In this list, I am going to talk about the best workout apps for women.

Now before you comment on any negative words, listen to me. In this list, I am also going to talk about the best workout apps for men.

So this will be the best exercise apps for men & women both.

So this list of best workout apps will be very beneficial for all home fitness love. Now I am going to breakdown the list of  with complete details

So I'm gonna start with the apps that are complete, free no caches you don't have to pay.

Now I will work my way into a couple that has certain options for things you can purchase to make your experience better.

Now, overall they're still way cheaper than a gym membership. Now start the list of best workout apps.

7m Women

So I just said before, in this list of best fitness apps, I am going to talk about the best workout apps for women. Now the first app is called seven-minute women, or it's something 7mwomen.

So this could be a favorite app for many women right now. They'do really quick workouts between about 7, and 15 minutes, and not only that, but they show you like step by step how to do each of the workouts which for me is really nice.

Because sometimes it's hard to describe any workout. So to solve this problem, they have a bunch of these different categories, I love that they have.

But ABS things like that, and they vary in levels too in terms of what your skill is right now, and where you are on your finished journey.

For example, we will just click on seven minutes of sweat. So jumping jacks high me running etc. some text information as well. Once you're ready to start you just click start, and of course, there are a couple of ads because it's free.

But when you're ready to go, you just click I'm ready, it gives you kind of a ten-second like prepare for it to start thing, but we can't hear the sounds right now.

So it basically counts for you like 30 seconds of jumping jacks, and then it tells you what's next, and if you want to just skip it, you can just skip it.

But for exercises, it doesn't get much better than, that you guys seriously.

So I highly recommend this for the list of best workout apps for women.

Butt Workout

The next app is this butt workout app. So it's the same concept i0864's all free, but instead of kind of those other ones, it gives you these are just for the butt.

These apps will be beneficial for both men & women. Those people who want a nice butt can go for this app.

30 Day Fitness

The next app is 30-day fitness. So this app again is completely free. But this is a challenging app where we need to complete the challenges. Which quite interesting.

So you can pick whatever challenge you want. So then these are all the days of the month. So 30sit-ups and it kind of gives you this like demonstration they also have video demonstrations. But it's really worth it if you guys want to do some 30-day challenges this summer.


So the next app I'm gonna talk about is actually not an app, but It is basically asocial media designed specifically for working out, but it is Pinterest okay because Pinterest is one of my favorite apps to use it for figuring out workouts that I want to do.

So basically I just love going to Pinterest, and typing inlet says I want to do a butt workout.

So I just love to take screenshot these on my phone, and take them to the gym or do them at home. So it's very very easy for you to do, and it's obviously free and looks at how many there are.


The next app I'm gonna talk about it's called adaptive. This one, unfortunately, is a free 30-day trial, and then after that, I think it's$8.99 a month.

So it does cost some money but again if you guys love it after the 30-day trial $8.99 a month is way cheaper than a gym membership.

Let's see it's asking me what my fitness goal is I would say reduce stress the fitness level I usually exercise regularly, but lately, it's been a little more casual um where do you work out.

So I obviously love using music when I work out, and so these are made to like go to the beat.

So recommend it for you they have like. Okay, low-intensity training they have yoga beginner or whatever browse all categories.

It tells you what to do, and then their music playing, but there's also a trainer in your ear telling you what to do.

it's gonna be other than that she just tells you what to do.

So basically, when you push start workout if she's talking to you. So she's telling you what to do.

Okay, that actually is pretty cool you're basically having a trainer in your ear for $8.99 a month gonna try this definitely.

Weight Loss Fitness

This one is mostly focused on weight loss. So if you are trying to slim down it is this six-week great program, you guys can use this one as well as a 30-day free trial, and then it's actually $14.99 a month after that.

I would say I'm fairly up let it what's my goal lose fat get toned for the sure tap on your problem area they're all problemI'll just say buddy set your training days Monday through Friday.

Okay, I'm not doing multiple tasks per day no thank you then. If it basically creates a personal workout plan.

If you click on the info button, it will tell you that, what you're gonna do cross. when you click on instructions, and a video as well, it will demonstrate to you all the things you have to do.

Which again I love the only weird thing about this app is that it's only like a seven-minute exercise per day, and also it looks a lot like that first half I talked about that was free.

So it'll show you your progress here oh you can sync it to your health thing, okay you can make your workout schedule.

It'll give you tips, and it also motivates you by playing music. And it'll remind you about your workouts, and it'll also give you just some like motivational quotes for like health, and fitness tips.

So that's kind of cool, but if we see the overall concept, this is definitely one of the best. So you can look into it has more options than those first ones I was talking about, but it does cost money.

My Fitness Pal

So the next app in our list of best workout apps is My Fitness Pal. So this is one of the most has to do with diet and food. So this app can track your workouts.

So basically what you do is that every single day is based on your weight, and what your goal is in terms of how much weight you want to lose.

So you can just track your progress, so it will help you just kind of like if you're someone who wants to count calories or count which I don't think if anyone needs to count calories.

It's really nice to see, just kind of have a place that you can put it. I think we should eat when you're hungry you should eat all the food.

So this is just for those people who are trying to like cut back a little bit or just have a diet plan that is suitable for your needs if you're trying to lose weight.

So I used to use this a lot. I've been a member of this app since like 2011, and I am really satisfied with this app in the last app that I'm gonna tell you guys about it's called mind-body.

So as you can check if you have any physical weakness or not. So if we click on wellness if you need a massage, it will give you the whole reports of your body status.

If you want to meditate things like that physical therapy it'll just show you like near your location where you can go to get certain things done.

But Through this app today near my location there is a salsa dance class.

Now it'll tell you how much they cost or if you have a membership there already you can obviously just booked it through this.

So it's super nice to just kind of see everything here. So if you are someone looking for some fun workout classes or some other fitness related things mind-body has all kind of in one app.

So this isn't necessary to have an app to do workouts from your phone. This is just something that I have found very useful in the past. When I've been wanting to try some new gyms or try new workout classes, I really feel helpful for using this.

Nike Training Club

Nike has dominated the fitness gear industry for a long time until now to the fitness app arena.

Our first fitness out review Covered the Nike Plus Run Club app, and now we're here to show you a sister wrap the Nike training club app If you're a fitness lover who's looking for a place to start your fitness journey.

The Nike Plus Run Club app layout will look very familiar. Let's see the workouts available for your personal training experience.

For those who are beginners, this app is best for everyone, especially For this demonstration.

You can select if you want to work out with equipment or not. We're gonna select equipment, and select a medicine ball since we have one available.

Next, select how many workouts you want to do. This feature links the Nike training club back to the Nike one club back. Next, select your current activity level.

Then you should select your start date Lastly select build my plan.

Once you have completed the top dot if you ever need to edit your plan tap. Edit Here you can edit how frequently difficulty the plan quickly available.

Once the workout starts, it will provide you a video demonstration for each movement, and a timer. When the time expires on a particular movement, It will automatically switch to the next movement until the workout is complete.

Once you have done with the workout tap and workout. The workout tab allows you the ability to search for a workout Or you can browse workouts by muscle group workout type workout collections, and several other choices.

There are tons of workouts to choose from this is definitely one of the highlights of the app. The features tab always displays all the features with a workout pic for you based on your activity.

The workout collections which are often professional athlete endorsed workouts. The feed tab you'll see activities shared from your friends, and like You can add friends which will display in the people you may know section.

The events tab gives you chance to search for Nike events worldwide. As you can see a few events are coming up soon in Los Angeles Select an event to find out more information.

If you intend to participate in the event Tap the RSVP and complete the form The involves have will display messages from Nike. You can find an edit profile button on the top of the left-hand corner of the app.

Here now you'll be able to upload your profile photo, and also edit your name hometown', and upload a bio. The past tab will ging to display your unique QR reader. Workout settings are to change your audio settings during your workout.

The privacy settings also allow the change who has access to search for you and also view your shared activity.

Being a user at a Nike Training Club app gives you exclusive access to Nike gear. , and closing the Nike training club app is a great app that provides personal trainer features to include Exercise demonstrations.


You've got to pack your bag. You've got to travel. The showers might be dirty or taken. Fitness classes. We've all got a love-hate relationship with them.

But Peloton has amazingly created a movement. The peloton has started, when the founders wanted to solve that common excuse we all face. We were gonna shift this fitness industry, from these, now commercial gym environments into the most convenient place on earth.

John Foley first came up with the idea of forPeloton as a busy dad living in New York. He and his wife couldn't find time to fit the SoulCycle, and flywheel classes they loved into their schedules.

They saw incredibly expensive business models but the founders say that the business model has been key to their success.

The company has over a million passionate riders. Celebrities. Athletes. Business leaders. Everyone started for clipping into their bikes and tuning into the classes.

There are fan groups, and podcasts. , and the rider is self-proclaimed members of a cult. We've seen users send us the Peloton logo permanently tattooed on their bodies.

People are pretty obsessed with Peloton, I included. A lot of that obsession is thanks to the elite instructors, like Arzon, on who'd become global fitness celebrities.

The Peloton instructors are as a professional coach. I really liked it to creating a team of like Avengers, and we all come with our own special skill set.

You're part DJ your part coach your part television host, and instructors are kind of breaking that fourth wall, and in people's homes that really powerful stuff. Peloton has such a personal connection for me, specifically Rodin.

Peleton trains me with strict rules, and it was getting harder, and harder to schedule with her.

That comes out for me to about $120 a month. Which is really less expensive compared to a private trainer for various workout sessions.

Peloton has been criticized for its high prices, and elite marketing. Recent memes become viral that, We strive to find different entry points.

The peloton bike is on one of our best financing plans is closer to $50 a month. Peloton's growth is impressive. Investors have poured in nearly a billion dollars, valuing the company at$4.15 billion.

The company says it'll reach $700 million in revenue in February 2019. Now Peloton is an increasing their number, and types of fitness classes, and expanding its reach.

We've launched the UK and Canada. So now you can be riding a leaderboard with people from the Isle of Man to Vancouver, Canada to Bozeman, Montana. , and we think that can potentially unify people through fitness.

Since the beginning, the founders had a vision. If they could control every aspect of the business from designing, and building the bike to developing the software, training instructors, streaming music to delivering the experience to customers' homes,  that vertical integration could lead to the company's lasting success.


I hope you find this article"Best Workout Apps Free" very helpful for your workout. If you want the best workout app for bodybuilding, let me know in the comments.

If you want to suggest me for the next topic, contact us via mail or social media. I want this type of article best training app, then mail me. I promise you, I am going to write on that topic.

So that's all for today. Enjoy your workout with the best workout tracker app. Keep visiting this site, Thank You.

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