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How To Fall Asleep Fast (in Two Minutes)

Today we are going to talk about how to fall asleep fast. So to that, many tips were given, on the internet. But I am going to give you the top and most effective tips to sleep fast.

In this century, we want to control everything. Because after controlling ourselves, we can manage to work faster, and also we will have enough time to change the world.

For military soldiers, controlling sleep is very important. So to do that, military soldiers practice sleeping fast. They have to learn how to sleep fast.

So today, I am going to breakdown to you some tips on how to fall asleep fast. So let's get started.

How To Sleep Fast

Because we've set up some conditions for optimizing your experience of falling asleep. Now we are looking up how to fall asleep faster.

Relax Your Body

First, you need to relax each part of your body. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your face. Picture every muscle slowly relaxing. If you need help, squish and squint your face first and then let it relax.

Control Your Breathing

Breathe out, so you will feel your cheeks, tongue, mouth, and jaw relax, even imagining your eyes sinking into their sockets. Then, slowly make your way down your body.

And do the same thing to each muscle group; tighten and then relax your shoulders, then arms, from forearms to fingers, chest, and legs and finally your feet,l while breathing deeply and focusing on the relaxation.

Keep Your Mind Relax

Once you've relaxed your body, now you have to focus on clearing your mind into a meditative state.

Simply, thinking through motions can stimulate your muscles to, involuntarily contract. It's like meditation, and don't let the thoughts consume you.

Dream About Some Location

Now you can try to focus on breathing in and out, and you dream about, that you are in a calming location, like on a warm summer's day in a hammock swaying slowly back and forth.

Sleeping Benefits

So science has shown that sleep is very important as regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Sleep can help to boost our immune system. It can also help us to boost our mental well-being. It can help to prevent many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and it can keep you slim.

Now, this technique was reportedly developed, by US Army Chiefs. This research makes to help their soldiers sleep faster and be more alert for the next day.

Physical Relaxation

So let's begin with physical relaxation.

Face Muscles

So step number one close your eyes and relax your face. So relax, all the muscles in your jaw, your tongue, and also the muscles around your eyes.

Relax Your Shoulders

Step number two, you have to drop and relax your shoulders as far down as they'll go. It should be followed by the upper and lower arm one side at a time.

Breathing Exercise

Step number three, take a deep breath and breathe out and relax your chest. You also need to, relax your legs. So working from your thighs and going downwards.

Mental Relaxation

So after we have relaxed our entire body, it is time to relax our mind. Because if you're having a million thoughts and your brains working fast, you're going to struggle to sleep. So the next step is mind relaxation. So let's get started.

Relax Mind

Now in this step, your body's relaxed you need to clear your mind of everything. So don't think about anything that's happened in the day and clear your mind for about 10 seconds.

Dream Moods

Now that your mind is cleared. You can begin thinking of nice clear thoughts, and there are three of them to choose from.

Blue Canoe

So the first one is your lying in a canoe in a calm lake, and there's nothing but blue skies above you. 

Lying In a Hammock

The second thought that you can have is that you're in a pitch-black room in a nice relaxing black velvet hammock.

Don t Think

Third thought which, you don't think of anything. And you keep repeating in your head, don't think over and over again for about 10 seconds. So the whole point of these is to keep your mind clear of everything else, please remember though this technique does require practice. And practice makes perfect.

Additional Tips to Sleep Fast

Now, this is some of my additional tips which will help you to sleep faster. This will help, and it should be doing before going to bed. So let's run through this.

Take Hot Shower Before Sleep

Taking a hot shower will refresh you, and it will give you a great sound sleep. When you're exposed, too hot temperatures, the body can't hold on to the heat and sends blood to the surface of your skin, giving you that flushed red appearance.

Once you step out of the warm shower, the dilated blood vessels will radiate out the inner heat to your environment. Now your core body temperature plummets. This triggers the body and brain to think it's sleepy time.

Early To Bed Early To Rising

So this is number one set a specific time to wake up and go to bed every day. Now you might feel tired, but believe me, our body always loves a cycle, and this will help in the long run.

If you try to sleep and you're wired, or on, your brain, just won't be ready. You can read a book before bed, book reading is perfect to put you in the right mindset.

No TV Before Bed

Tip number two tries not to watch TV or play on your phone before going to bed. These devices all produce certain harmful light, which reduces the melatonin our bodies, which naturally produced by our bodies.

What is Melatonin?

Now melatonin is a hormone that makes us more sleepy. So we need more of it to help us go to sleep. You can invest in some thick curtains to avoid light, which is coming into your room.

Put Away The Clock

Now having the ability to look at and see the time and find out how much you haven't slept is not helpful and will honestly only stress you out.

Right Temperature

Whether you're overheating because of heavy blankets, pajamas, or just a hot room, it's been shown to decrease slow-wave sleep, and REM sleep has your bedroom at the right temperature.

So generally speaking, a colder environment better for this. So if you set the temperature at 18 degrees Celsius, which is 65Fahrenheit, it will be best for a cold environment.

You might need to change the thermostat settings. I guess you also have the right bedding for the time of the year.

Avoid Big Meals & Alcohol

Tip number four, in the evenings, you need to avoid big meals to avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine, and smoke. You should minimize or avoid caffeine and nicotine; coffee, colas, some tea, and even chocolate, can take as long as eight hours to wear out nicotine is a stimulant.

So avoid them too late in the day. It's also worth avoiding eating too close to the bed. While some studies show avoiding diets that are excessively biased towards carbs will help.

So it's better to just avoid being too hungry or too full before bed.  All of these are going to stimulate you and stop you from going to sleep.

Bed For Sleep

Tip number five, you need to use your bedroom only for sleeping. So don't eat there, don't reply to emails, don't do any work, don't watch TV, don't do anything there but sleep. This separation of areas is going to make a big difference.

Do Daily Exercise

Tip number six, make sure that you exercise every day. Exercise can make you physically tired and which can help you fall asleep faster.

So earlier in the day is better, and the same goes for naps. So if you're tired at night, and you can go to sleep faster.

What To Do If Someone Can't Sleep

After doing all the steps, if you still can't fall asleep, don't lie awake in bed. Studies show that not falling asleep for an extended period causes anxiety and only makes things worse.


I hope you find this article"How To Fall Asleep Fast" helpful. After reading this article, I think you will able to sleep fast and relax. Share this article on social media. So that your friends can read this, and they can also solve their sleeping issues.

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