New Most Powerful Productivity Features of iOS 14

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Most Powerful Productivity Features of iOS 14

In September 2020, Apple released the long away waited for iOs 14. And while it's got lots of new bells, and whistles we could talk about.

Today we are going to talk about and explore the most productivity features of iOS 14. So iOs came out of beta in September.

The most exciting feature of iOS in ios 14 is the ability to put widgets on your home screen to customize them. I know my android use friends have had this ability for years and I am sure there’s gonna be some comments rubbing my nose.

But personally, as somebody, who’s been using an iPhone, since, 2011 or 2012. This has been something that I had been waiting for a really.  But as cool as this feature is as a whole, it wasn’t really exciting enough for me to make a full video on it until I found out about the shortcuts widget.

So Shortcuts is an app that was bought by apple from a third party developer a few years ago and integrated into ios. And it essentially lets you create custom shortcuts to do a whole ton of different things.

Personally, I would never really played around with shortcut app very much until I saw it in that list of widget options. But after playing with it over the weekend, after learning what it could do, after learning what it could do, after learning that it can actually create scripts and do lots of really cool custom stuff.

So let's jump into the home screen setup. I have got my screen time widget and my exercise widget right here, but really cool stuff live here in the shortcut widget on the homepage.

So first I have got a button for notion and this is actually my inspiration for making this because notion doesn't currently have a widget, which I would love to see them make.

But for now, I can click this button, and then I will have several different choices. I can go to my inbox, which I talked about in my video.

This is my quick capture area, where I can easily create a new note very quickly, or I can go to the full notebook area if I wanna get into a specific notebook like content or music, or I can go to my workspace here.

So this is a custom workspace for me that I have been developing. I can o down here and I can see all the different projects I have in progress across my business.

But secondly, we have a Spotify playlist thing. So when you want to listen to music you can make playlists as your mood.

How To Set Shortcuts Widget

Let see how to set up widgets in general. To start this, let's get a widget onto the home screen. You can hold down here until you get this whole edit interface here.

I am just gonna swipe over to a brand new home screen, hit the plus button, and search for widgets. You got a ton of different choices here, but these shortcuts one is gonna be near the bottom.

So we will grab that, and I am just gonna go with one of these four grid boxes here. You can do a really big one, if you want, you can do a single one.

Now it just gonna show the top four shortcuts in my entire shortcut app.

So we are going to create a custom folder, where we will choose which shortcut should be shown in this widget.

So to do that, we are going to the shortcut ap itself and create a folder. I will just create one called Demo for this purpose.

As soon as I added it. I can come back to this widget we have created. I can hold it for a second, hit Edit Widget, and then choose this Demo folder.

Right now, it is empty, which means we need to start populating it with shortcuts. Let’s, get started.

Voice Memos

It's a kind of built-in feature. So if you hit plus here, we can add a section. And we will have a whole bunch of different choices here.

You can call people, you can text people, you can get into scripting. Right now, let's just go to apps and find that voice memos app right here.

Here you will have a couple of choices. So let's just call it Record. But if you this to your home screen, and let's go ahead and do it right now. We will call it the New Shortcut. I don’t really care what I call it, because I don’t really want it.

So now it exists in our widget here, and if I tap it, It's gonna immediately start recording my voice, which is great, that's the behavior we want.

Notion Page

The cool thing about the notion is, you can grab the link to basically any page that you want. So if you go here to the three-dot menu, which you can also do on the desktop, and hit Copy Link, that's gonna copy the link to your clipboard.

Now we can create a shortcut by adding an action in the web category called Open URLs. And if we paste that URL right here, it's gonna open this page, and we are just gonna call that inbox.

Open Spotify Playlist

I have got several playlists hearings according to my mood. Now I wanna link to my Sunday study playlist.

So let’s find it, copy the link to it, which is gonna be done through share and Copy Link. And we can go right back to Shortcuts, go like that, go to Web, go to Open URLs, paste that URL in.

Now we have a launcher for our study playlist.

Complex Menus

Now we are just gonna use a simple menu to give you some choices. So let's take this inbox one right here. Now we are gonna add an action from the scripting menu.

So you have a ton of different options here, as you can see, you’ve got if and Repeat and all kinds of weird programming stuff, let Choose for Menu.

This is just gonna give you a Menu. Since we are creating a Notion launcher, let’s go ahead and make one for inbox and one for Notes.

If you hit the plus button, you can then go to our trusty little web category and hit Open URLs. And then, by dragging it, you can nest it underneath each of these choices.

So we are gonna get two of these blocks, nest them like that, and then just go and grab our URLs as we did before.

First, we will go inbox and copy that link. Then we will go over to our general Notes home and copy the link as well.

So now, just to review, we have got a scripting tool that opens the menu, giving us the choice of inbox or Notes.


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