The Reason Behind of Minecraft Game Number One Spot on YouTube 2020

 People who love to play video games must know about Minecraft. It is the number one game that has more than 201 Billion Views On Youtube. It was announced on Youtube Rewind 2020 in the categories of most viewing video games. In that category, Minecraft has taken the number 1 position. But many of us are thinking about why this game is so popular in 2020? where You love to play PUBG, Fortnite, and other High FPS games. 

Today people are paying thousands of Dollars to Buy high-end pc to play 3D and 4K Games. So the question is Why Minecraft game which is a 2D game getting Billions of views? The answer is the most popular YouTuber Felix Kjellberg 'PewDiePie' Who plays this game often and he also started his youtube channel by uploading a Gameplay of Minecraft. There are a lot of Minecraft Gameplay which was uploaded By Felix. Because of it, Minecraft Takes place on trending, and people who don't know about this game also playing Minecraft. Because of it, Many Creators of Youtube play This game and they also get content from this By Uploading the Gameplay Of Minecraft.

Minecraft also becomes popular when it becomes a part of the education sector. Where Minecraft has an Education edition where a student can study with Minecraft game and they can grow their creativity skills. If a student Play Minecraft for education purpose they can learn how to make buildings, blocks and they will learn something creative.

Do You Know? Minecraft Created in 6 Days by Markus Persson. Did he ever think this game will be that big like today? This was an ordinary 2D game. But why this is so popular? Why people all across the world love to play it? Answer: it is important for fun, earning, Education. It is an enjoyable game. people are earning by uploading gameplay of Minecraft. And it is now very important for education purposes.

Today There are Millions Of videos of Minecraft Gameplay and there Were More than 201 Billion Views on Youtube. Thanks to Felix Kjellberg who had spotted this game on the trending Section By uploading a Gameplay of it. It is hard to believe that a 2d game which Doesn't need any graphics don't need any high configuration pc But It is taken number one spot for most views game in youtube 2020

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