The reason Google has launched Google Fuchsia

The reason Google launched Google Fuchsia?

We all may know about Google. The biggest search engine in the world. We all use the android phone it is operated by Android which is developed by Google. Android is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software of Google. It is mainly designed for touchscreen mobile phones. But now Google is replacing Android with Fuchsia which is a universal OS.

Google launched Google Fuschia because it is better than android. Fuchsia will run smoothly on a variety of devices. It is going to deliver faster updates and will give better privacy features. Google Fuchsia is built on a new Zircon microkernel.

Google launched Google Fuschia as a developer website

The extensive documentation of this website will help the developer in building applications and software for the new OS. Day by day Google also making this platform more accessible and easy to use for the developers by bringing the system to the android emulator. Because of this OS is more accessible to developers who don't have pixel books.

Google launched Google Fuschia for better privacy protection and easy to use

We all know android devices can easily hack by hackers and they steal our important and private documents. Google Fuschia will be more protective and easy to use. Google made the right decision in going to the market as early as possible.

Google launched Google Fuchsia as open-source software

Many of us don't know about open-source software. Open-source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. Source code is the part of software and program that most computer users don't even see. Programmers can manipulate to change how the software will work.   

What is open source software and closed source software?

Every software and application is programmed by the source code. but there are two different source code.

Closed source software. Some software has a source code that only the person, team, or company can control. we can say this type of software is closed source software. Only the original authors of closed source software can legally inspect, modify, copy, and alter that software. And to use that software you have to agree with their terms of service.

Open-source software. This software is different from the previous one. open-source software is controlled by everyone. That means many developers can copy, modify, alter, and inspect that software.

The reason people prefer using open source software?

There are many reasons for using open source software, including

Easy to use. Many people prefer open-source software because they have full control over that software. they can inspect, copy, alter, and modify that software. Users who aren't programmers also can get benefit from open-source software, because they can use this software for any purpose they wish.

Learning. People love to use open source software because it helps them become better developers and programmers. Because open-source code can use anyone, students can study and work on it to learn how to program and build better software. They also can share their work with others and others can solve the mistakes in the program. Because of this, they can develop their skills.

Better protection. Some people prefer open-source software because it is safe to use. It is more secure and stable than closed source software. Because it is publically accessible so that anyone can view where are the mistakes were made by the original author.

What we can expect from Google Fuschia?

We are looking at what a new take on an operating system could be like. Many of you are thinking it is like android, Well you are wrong. The Japanese German software engineer Hiroshi Lockheimer said, Fuchsia is not about that, Fuchsia is about just pushing the state of the art in terms of operating system and things that we learn from Fuschia we can incorporate into other products.

There is an increasing number of devices that require an operating system and new runtime and so on. There's a lot of room for multiple operating systems with different strengths and qualities. Fuschia is one of those things and so, stay tuned.

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