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Challenge your gaming skills with the best new PS5 games

Are you looking for the Best new PS5 games to play?

We promise, that after reading this article you will be ready to challenge your gaming skills with the best new PS5 games.

While we were preparing the article, we found out there are 618 PS5 games available to play. But we have to focus on those games which are worth playing on PS5.

We also checked for the most popular games on PS5 right now, and along with it, we keep in mind PS5 games that have the best graphics.

We found more than 23 games that you should play on PS5. But from 23 we chose the 10 best new games to play on PS5.

List of Best PS5 games to play in 2024

  • ·        God of War Ragnorok
  • ·        ASTRO’S PLAYROOM
  • ·        Returnal
  • ·        Marvel's Spider-Man 2
  • ·        The Last of Us Part 1
  • ·        Horizon Forbidden West
  • ·        Demon's Souls
  • ·        Resident Evil 4

10. Resident Evil 4

Experience the horror masterpiece on a chilling new night with "Resident Evil 4" on PS5. This enhanced edition makes players dive into the sinister world of Resident Evil, where Leon S. Kennedy faces horrors on his way to rescue the President's daughter.

Explore the advanced use of graphics which will make you feel, that this game is live, thanks to the power of PS5. To survive in life, you have to compromise. With the advanced processing power, "Resident Evil 4" shows speed and amazing gameplay experience.

The quality of sound in this game is advanced, explore horror sounds and unseen scary threats that will shake your spine. The village which was at peace, now becomes mysterious.

In the end, we can say, that this game "Resident Evil 4" is a horror fiction game for new generations, and this will be a revolution in the gaming industry.

09. Demon’s Souls

let's dive into "Demon’s Souls" for PS5 to invite players into a haunting empire, where every step is dangerous and along with it every step has victory. With an iconic title, the rebirth power, power of the next generation, shows breathtaking visual graphics, powerful performance, and a defined sense of fear and wonder.

In imagination witness the Kingdom of Boletaria. Be prepared for uncompromising challenges. The punishing difficulty, powerful opponent, and use of strategic steps make this game very addictive and enjoyable.

Whenever you will face a powerful enemy, fight with blate, magic, and efficient tactics. With precise controls, every encounter will be a symphony of skill, this game allows players to learn, adapt, and conquer the nightmarish denizens, which try to protect the soul of the fallen Kingdom.


Start playing now "FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE INTERGRADE" on PS5. In this game, you can explore the rich cityscape of Midgar. It is very proud to say that the loading speed of the game, enhanced visual graphics, and level of detail bring the gaming characters and environments to life. Participate in Battle with not only strategies but also visually spectacular.

Go deeper into the story of gaming characters to understand the subject. Yuffie Kisaragi is a character, who is a charming and skilled ninja, and she goes on a mission into Midgar City and reveals hidden secrets.

Push yourself to make strategic decisions and always be ready for sudden action. you have to face off against iconic monsters or powerful adversaries, and every battle has a cinematic spectacle.

07. Horizon Forbidden West

Let's dive into the America in "Horizon Forbidden West" on PS5. In this game, you need to showcase your gaming skills through strategic battles and challenges against robotic foes. Unleash a weapon or gadget, each gadget has unique capabilities. In this game new challenges of a world dominated by mysterious machines.

In this game push yourself to explore the forgotten civilization and fight against negative forces, which are saping the Forbidden West. Reveal the untold mysterious past, fight with the strongest opponent, and like something which is the destiny of Aloy.

If you play "Horizon Forbidden West" on PS5, I can assure you it will be a worthy game for it and it will become a favorite game of your list. So start your journey today in an open-world adventure, where every corner of the map has mysterious secrets and is waiting to be revealed. From the dense jungle to sunken cities, cross every landscape to explore culture and new festivals.

06. The Last of Us Part 1

Start a hardcore journey in the dark world "The Last of Us Part I". Joel is a character who is an expert survivor, and Ellie is a very young girl who has some mysterious immunity, and can navigate infected creatures and desperate human factions.

The emotional narrative, stunning visuals, and haunting melodies make it more enjoyable for gamers. This game will elevate your gaming experience with PS5, by bringing the beauty of this world to life.

05. Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Jump into cinematic excitement with "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" on the PlayStation 5. Join Peter Parker and his unexpected friend Venom unfolding against the iconic backdrop of New York City.

Whenever New York City faces new threats, with the help of PS5 every detail comes to life. "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" isn't just a game; it contains thrill, power, responsibility, and breathtaking visual graphics that will be worth it.


"CYBERPUNK 2077: ULTIMATE EDITION" is an action-packed game where the adventure gets started from Night City. This game contains high-tech graphics content that will enhance your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The story starts with someone who is exploring proudly night city and completing the task. This game not only impacts your gaming character, but along with it whole Night City fate gets changed.

The magnificent graphics of "CYBERPUNK 2077: ULTIMATE EDITION" make it a masterpiece. In this game, you will get the view of a delightful night city and intense action.

03. Returnal

Returnal is a 2021 roguelike video game developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This shooting game will take you on a whole new world of journey, where an astronaut gets trapped in and mysterious alien planet.

In this game, you can push yourself into the haunting beauty and explore a whole new environment, where the world gets reset because of each death. News challenges and mysterious reveals in this game will become a favorite for many game lovers.

"Returnal" is more than a game, it is filled with exploration of the unknown secrets and challenges.


Start a new entertaining journey by playing "ASTRO’s PLAYROOM" on the PlayStation 5. This is not only a game but, it's a celebration of PS5.

In this game, there are lovable robots and there are four levels. Each level will be worth it to play on PS5. This game is a mix of creation and excitement, and playing this game on PS5 will be a whole discovery.

This game is graphically stunning and vibrant, so it will be an amazing gaming experience. Developers had given importance to every detail of this game. to make the universe a joy to explore. 

The innovative part of ASTRO’s PLAYROOM is the use of a DualSense controller. Which will make you feel this game more attractive.

To play ASTRO’s PLAYROOM, you don't need to be an experienced gamer or a beginner on PS5. This game is full of adventure. This is not a game; it is the magic of gaming evolution.

01. God of War Ragnorok

"God of War Ragnarök" is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. "God of War Ragnarok" is now on the PlayStation 5. The visuals of this game are breathtaking, with amazing storytelling and intense combat, giving you an immersive experience of gaming.

In this game, Kratos has to face deities and monsters. Along with it, the characters of this game have to witness a mastermind blend of myth. The depth of every impactful character and moral dilemma is shown in this game clearly. The ultramodern hardware of PS5 confirms that the experience of this game will be amazing.

"God of War Rangook" is proof of the evolution of gaming. This game not only offers the narrative of the series, but it also contains a rich legacy story. This game will enhance your gaming experience to the next level which contains entertainment, parenthood, destiny, and the consequences of godly power in a world.


How many games are on PS5?

There are 618 games available for PS5 as per December 25, 2023 report.

Can I play GTA 6 on PS5?

As of now, it is confirmed that GTA6 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series. GTA6 will be officially coming to PlayStation 5 computer entertainment systems and Xbox Series 2025 (as per online resource).

So we have come to the end of this article “Best new PS5 games to play” and hope this article helps you to Challenge your gaming skills.

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